York Needs a White Students Union!


Note: This article was originally sent to Excalibur, York University's Official Student Newspaper, which, after multiple delays and excuses, ultimately refused to publish it, without explanation.

York University's mission statement identifies “diversity” as one of its highest values. Despite this, when it comes to the kind of diversity that should be most important to an academic institution—diversity of ideas—York is deficient to the point of corruption.

     As far as we can tell, based on student experience and conversations with professors, there is not a single socially conservative/rightist professor within any of the liberal arts departments at York University. If such a unicorn does exist, we'd really love to meet him or her.

     Throughout our time at York University, when it comes to cultural and ethnic politics, we have been exposed to nothing other than leftist perspectives. If it wasn’t for the Internet, we wouldn’t be aware that scholarly rightist perspectives on these issues even exist. That is a very scary thought. One would hope that, as students who have spent years studying the politics of ethnicity and culture, we would be very well informed about the different angles from which to approach these questions, but this is certainly not the case. This is not the case because, at York University, you don’t get an education, you get an indoctrination.

     The doctrine in which York liberal arts students are programmed is called neo-Marxism or “cultural Marxism”. Neo-Marxism is an illiberal ideology which looks at identity politics in terms of “oppressors” and “the oppressed”. The three broad categories of identity include gender, sexuality and, the category that receives the most attention: ethnicity. Simply put, when it comes to the politics of ethnicity, neo-Marxists identify white people as “oppressors” and everyone else as “the oppressed”. Students are taught that all of Western Civilization is inherently “racist” and that Western countries are plagued by a “systemic and institutionalized” racism which reinforces a "system of white supremacy”. Neo-Marxists hold that all Western countries, including multicultural Canada, are “white supremacist” states which unjustly grant peoples of European descent an unearned “white privilege.” All white people are racists, we're taught, and only white people can be racist, because white people are the sole beneficiaries of this white supremacist system. Students are taught that white people invented the very concept of race—thereby inventing “racism”—as part of a deliberate conspiracy to oppress the rest of humanity. We are taught that treating people equally is a form of racism called ”colour-blind racism” and that policies and individuals are racist unless they discriminate against white people.

     The Supreme Court has defined hate speech as any expression that is "intended or likely to circulate extreme feelings of opprobrium and enmity against a racial or religious group.” The above mentioned ideas absolutely conform to this definition. That these messages are being propagated against white people through our taxpayer-subsidized universities is especially disconcerting in the context of Multiculturalism: Canada’s undemocratically imposed immigration/culture policy which is rapidly reducing white people to minorities and thereby greatly diminishing their democratic influence.

     So, in order to address this situation, we propose the formation of a white students’ union. A white students’ union would serve multiple purposes. It would serve to promote and celebrate the culture of Western Civilisation. It would serve as a platform to promote and advance the political interests of Western peoples. And most importantly, it would serve as a venue to explore those perspectives on ethnic politics that our Marxist indoctrinators seek to suppress and ignore, thereby giving to York a taste of that intellectual “diversity” which it purports to value.

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