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About Us

SWC is a Non-Violent, Pan-European Nationalist and Autonomist student group based in Toronto, Canada.

SWC is founded on 3 convictions: 

  1. That our universities are corrupt. Our universities have become subverted by an overwhelming leftist bias which has created a toxic and anti-intellectual culture. That culture is characterized by—among other things—an extreme antagonism and hostility towards white people which often manifests in ways that contravene the Hate Speech provisions defined in section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Because of this culture of extremism and anti-intellectualism, criticism of those far-left ideas is heavily oppressed, often with physical violence.

  2. That our immigration/economic systems are turning Europeans into minorities in the countries where we live around the world. This is significant because the countries where we live are democracies and in a democracy the majority rules. If we become minorities in the democracies where we live then we will lose the ability to rule ourselves. We will lose our autonomy, our powers of self-determination, our ability to elect our leaders and choose our own destinies.

  3. That these phenomena constitute entirely legitimate grievances which run counter to our perceived interests and that we have, not only a “right”, but a duty, to protect and assert those perceived interests as we see fit.


  1. To genuinely explore contemporary ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which, unlike our universities, does not exclude rightist, conservative or Eurocentric perspectives.

  2. To organize for and advance the interests of European peoples.

  3. To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.

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SWC is based in Toronto, Canada. You should only apply for membership if you’re able to attend our meetings in person. If you’re interested in starting a branch in your area then contact us via the Contact Form. All applicants must undergo an in-person interview.

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