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“Decolonization” refers the removal, erasure or destruction of all things European. The term is applied in European colonies from North America to South Africa but it’s even applied in Europe itself.

Julius Malema, South African politician, speaking to TRT world, June 13th 2018

Julius Malema, South African politician, speaking to TRT world, June 13th 2018

In its most extreme forms, decolonization involves the murder or expulsion of European people from physical spaces. But more commonly, decolonization refers to the destruction and removal of our culture, such as the tearing down of our statues or other celebrations of our national heroes.

Ryan McMahon is a First Nations nationalist who is regularly given a platform through multiple mainstream Canadian media outlets (which wouldn’t be an issue if European nationalists were given the same platforms)

Ryan McMahon is a First Nations nationalist who is regularly given a platform through multiple mainstream Canadian media outlets (which wouldn’t be an issue if European nationalists were given the same platforms)


In our universities, decolonization manifests as the rewriting of our textbooks and the erasure or negation of European perspectives, concepts and values—including our value of free speech itself.

A “safe space” is an environment which has been successfully decolonized of free speech and where extremist positions can be aired without critique. Predictably, the transformation of our universities into Safe Spaces has made them fertile ground for radicalism, including anti-white hate speech. Extremist, anti-white ideas which are developed in our universities, are then spread to broader society through media, including our government-funded news sources, and even children's movies.

In those censored environments, Europeans who critique or protest anti-white hate speech, even in the most benign and gentle manner, are labelled as “racists, white supremacists, and nazis”, they are threatened with physical violence, and those threats are often actualized.   

We Europeans now find ourselves in a situation where people in positions of power are inciting hatred towards us, advocating for our erasure, and violently suppressing our freedom of speech. These phenomena are, at least in part, symptoms of multiculturalism and massive non-European immigration. Therefore, for us to express concern and to oppose these forces is both rational and legitimate.

The Canadian Government, however, has now announced proposals to decolonize even the internet itself by forcing social media companies to censor our perspectives and make the non-violent expression of our concerns impossible.

So what will we do about it? If decolonization is the removal and destruction of European culture, influence and perspective and the repression of our freedom to speak, then we will apply opposing pressure: We will Colonize the Safe Space. We will demand that our right to free speech be respected, we will re-inject our culture back into the universities and into broader society, we will support and defend our existing cultural symbols and we push for our cultural identity to be protected and proliferated. 

We Demand:

  • That professors who advocate violence to suppress free speech be charged for inciting violence.

  • That, in accordance with section 319 of the criminal code, academics and journalists who incite hatred towards Europeans be criminally charged with inciting hatred.

  • That partisan organizations who defame Europeans and pro-European groups be sued for defamation. 

  • That companies and universities who discriminate against Europeans be sued for racial discrimination. 

  • That individuals who deface our cultural symbols be charged, not just with vandalism, but with hate crimes.

  • And that it be recognized that the removal of European-Canadian’s cultural symbols is a violation of the multicultural act in its affirmation of the right of all Canadians to “preserve and enhance” their cultural heritage. And, therefore, not only should no more of our statues or other depictions of our cultural heroes be removed ever again, but future plans to celebrate European-Canadian heritage should not be disrupted or impeded.

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The removal of a statue of Edward Cornwallis, from Halifax (Craig Paisley/CBC)

The removal of a statue of Edward Cornwallis, from Halifax (Craig Paisley/CBC)

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An anti-racist activist at Unite Against Racism, March 21st 2019, Toronto

An anti-racist activist at Unite Against Racism, March 21st 2019, Toronto

Professor Michael Capello of University of Saskatchewan, “It’s Ok to be Against Whiteness”, March 12, 2018, at Trent University

Professor Michael Capello of University of Saskatchewan, “It’s Ok to be Against Whiteness”, March 12, 2018, at Trent University

Dr. Mathew Sears of the University of New Brunswick, declaring his support for political violence.

Dr. Mathew Sears of the University of New Brunswick, declaring his support for political violence.

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If Everyone is Canadian, Then to be Canadian Means Nothing.


Identity is more than something cosmetic or superficial. Identity is sacred because it translates into real world utility: our identities unify us and that unity empowers us. 

But an essential component of any identity is the ability to define it, because part of knowing who we are means knowing who we are not. Without the ability to define and distinguish ourselves from others, we are unidentifiable.  

The aim of Canadian multiculturalism is to expand the definition of Canadian to include everyone and everything. According to this policy, Canadian identity is not defined by a particular norm, standard or set of characteristics, instead it assumes that all peoples and cultures are equally Canadian, none of them any more or less than the next. Thus, under multiculturalism, “Canadian” refers to everything, and is, thereby, defined by nothing.  

This has profound implications for how we understand ourselves. If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian becomes meaningless, and with that resulting disintegration of Canadian identity, powerful alternative identities are rising up to fill its void. These alternative identities are taking shape around that category that most distinguishes us in a multicultural society: our ethnicity. 

Ignoring this reality isn’t polite, it’s irresponsible. These are valid and pertinent questions with which we as citizenry have the duty to engage. Multiculturalism and a Canadian National Identity are mutually exclusive. Both can not exist simultaneously and one will inevitably succumb to the other. 

SWC’s February 2019 poster campaign is intended to put forth and highlight this critique of multiculturalism and to foster a necessary debate.

If you support our work and would like to donate, or if you’re among the growing number of European-Canadians who are increasingly conscious of their ethnic identity and would like to connect with others, visit our website at

SWC's November 2017 Poster Campaign

Students for Western Civilisation’s latest postering campaign is a protest against recent threats—some of them realized—to remove or tear down a number of symbols of European-Canadian history, culture and identity.

The targeted symbols include, at least: the name and sculpture of Egerton Ryerson at Ryerson University, in Toronto (1); the name (2) and sculpture of Sir John A. MacDonald and other sculptures of Canadian Prime Ministers (3); a sculpture and other commemorations of Edward Cornwallis in Halifax (4); a sculpture of King Edward VII in Toronto (5); a sculpture of Winston Churchill in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto (6); the images of Sir Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King on our bank notes (7); and the South African War Memorial at Queen Street West and University Avenue, in Toronto (8).  

We see these attacks as among the first of many in what will become an ongoing process of ethnocide against European-Canadian culture. Ethnocide is defined as “the deliberate destruction of the culture of a people”.  

In each case, the perpetrators provide their rationales, usually by citing notions of “diversity”, “inclusion” or the idea that the land does not, or did not always, belong to European-Canadians. But we feel no obligation to engage with the arguments of those who aspire to destroy us, because our destruction is not debatable.

We acknowledge that cultures evolve, change, and progress with time. However, we do not view these destructive threats as part of an internal evolution among European-Canadians, instead we see them as an external attack on the culture of one people at the hands of other peoples. This is an infringement on our cultural autonomy. We feel that attempts to couch these attacks in the rhetoric of “justice” or “equality” are disingenuous and that the true motivation of this ethnocidal phenomenon is a bid for cultural and political power by non-Europeans who harbor sentiments of resentment and contempt towards European people.

We are aware that many, if not most, if not the vast majority of European-Canadians support maintaining these symbols, but are afraid to speak up due to an intellectual climate wherein assertions of “white” or European identity are heavily policed and oppressed, and that those who dare to object face great social, financial, physical and even legal risk in doing so. This is why European-Canadians require formal institutions and representatives to speak on our behalf. Students For Western Civilisation aspires to fulfill that need by continuing to advocate for the cultural and political interests of European-Canadians and European Civilisation wherever it exists.


Academia’s New Definition of “White Supremacy”

While some resist acknowledging Canada as a white supremacist society because of its extremely harsh connotations and its conflict with guaranteed protection of human rights, one need only look at Canadian norms and standards to recognize that Europeanness/whiteness is the norm against which all others are judged.

- Seema Alladini, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario


Canada was the first country in the world to enact an official policy of multiculturalism, and for many Canadians, that policy is a source of identity and national pride. We were the first in the world to make the sacrifices and take the risks of attempting this social experiment and many feel that it is a just and noble endeavor.

“White supremacy” is the complete antithesis of multiculturalism. When the typical Canadian hears the term “white supremacy” he or she thinks of a totalitarian regime like Nazi Germany where soldiers in jack-boots march through the streets and non-white people are systematically executed.

This is why it is so insulting that academics at our government funded universities are teaching that multicultural Canada is actually a “white supremacist” country. To the vast majority of Canadians, such an assertion is absurd. After all, since it was enacted, Canada’s multicultural immigration policy has reduced the white population from 96% to 70%, and it is predicted to reduce us to a minority in the coming years. That would be some horribly incompetent policy-making if the aim were “white supremacy”.

How could anyone possibly advance such a ridiculous position?
In order to make this claim work, academics have had to completely redefine the term “white supremacy” in a way that makes it unrecognizable to most people. In calling her a “white supremacist” country, academics don’t mean that Canada is a country like Nazi Germany; what they mean is that, within Canada, white culture is “supreme,” “systemic,” and “institutionalized.” That is, Western Civilisation is interwoven into the very fabric of what Canada is: our two official languages are European languages; we have a European legal system which is built on European philosophies of life and government; we have European architecture, European technology, European Holidays/Festivals, and not to mention, there are white people everywhere—in business, education, government, media etc. And this, according to the dominant ideology in our universities, is a problem. It is in this sense that academics call your multicultural Canada a “white supremacist” state.

What they are effectively saying is that the mere presence and existence of European/Western Civilisation is white supremacy. As white people/Europeans, our cultural and political existence is, in and of itself, a form of racism, and therefore, a moral wrong.

Instead of “white supremacy” sometimes Western Civilisation is referred to as “white hegemony” or “whiteness”, but the conclusion is always the same: the West must be destroyed by way of “deconstruction”, “dismantling” or “decolonization”.

On its own, the fact that weird, extreme or apparently crazy perspectives find expression in our universities is nothing new or inherently outrageous. The very purpose of a university is to function as society’s laboratory for the testing of novel ideas and the retesting of old assumptions. However, what is the cause for outrage is the fact that this mandate is not being fulfilled. When it comes to the study of culture and ethnicity, this narrative of “white supremacy” goes unchallenged, because dissenting perspectives are categorically and systematically oppressed.

Case in point: Students for Western Civilisation was formed at York University in 2014 as a platform for white/European students to challenge those arguments about the inherent illegitimacy of our civilisation’s existence. Our first attempt to spark the discussion was in the form of an article we sent to York’s official student newspaper, Excalibur. (The article can be found on our website.) Without explanation they refused to publish it. Our second attempt was on September 14th of this year when we conducted a poster campaign at Toronto’s three major universities: York, Ryerson and The University of Toronto. The posters stated “White Student’s Union!” and the name of our website:

All of our posters were immediately taken down by the school administrations.
Ryerson’s spokesman Michael Forbes said about us, “I can confirm they’re not a sanctioned club. We don’t condone this sort of thing.” By “this sort of thing” Forbes was certainly not referring to clubs based on ethnic or racial origin, because all three universities have such clubs. Ryerson, the university that Forbes represents, has the The United Black Students; The Chinese Students Association; Hillel (a Jewish group); An Indian Students Association; A Middle Eastern Students Association; and an Organization of Latin Students. Ryerson even has an anti-white, Everyone-But-White-People Union called the Racialized Students Collective which made news in March for banning white students from its gatherings. And yet Forbes says that the idea of a group for white students is “offensive.”
Forbes said that if we had applied for formal group status on campus we “would have been rejected.”
The poster campaign and its response that followed made headlines throughout Canada. The vast majority of reader comments supported us, but, within the universities and the media, many condemned and attacked us with arguments built on this new narrative in which “white supremacy” is understood as the mere existence of Western Civilisation.  

The York Federation of Students released a statement saying that:


Academia and our post-secondary institutions are filled with institutional racism, white supremacy and misogyny that continue to reproduce as marginalized students learn to navigate through campuses that weren’t built for them in the first place...


What now is being termed “western civilization” is nothing more than colonialism.

Metro News quotes Sania Khan, vice president of equity at the University of Toronto Students Union:

The posters were calling for a system of oppression [Western Civilisation] to perpetuate. We’re constantly pushing against white-centric voices just to be heard... If you look at our governing council at the University of Toronto, you’ll mostly see older white men. Their voice is being heard enough.

UofT’s Student paper quoted Khan as saying that a white students’ union is an “inherently racist concept”:

“In Toronto, racism doesn’t only just look like overt name-calling, harassment, and discrimination. What racialized folks often have to further navigate through are the subtle expressions of racism, dominance and white supremacy that we encounter on a daily basis.”


Khan added that, at U of T, it is predominantly white people who occupy positions of authority and that conversations about the ramifications of this power structure need to be held accountable.


[This power structure] thrives off of upholding practises of white culture, while isolating students who choose to resist conforming to standards and practices of performative whiteness,” she said.


“[This] conversation of subtle racism, dominance and white supremacy is incredibly necessary at the very least.”

CanIndia quoted a Toronto student who regurgitated the lessons of her professors:


Putting up white student union posters is just a way to remind white people about their supremacy or dominance over other ethnic groups.

The Huffington Post wrote:

"Racism is what Canada and America were intrinsically built on. But, perhaps the only hilarious thing about the existence of racism is the fact that the people who created it and who benefit from it the most, want to convince us all that they are truly the biggest victims in a society that systemized their supremacy, coddles their fragility and enforces their privilege.

It has become en vogue for prejudiced white people to embrace persecution, even when whiteness thoroughly permeates every aspect of our society.

The Gateway Online wrote:

For those of us who believe in social equity, the real challenge is in spotting the subtle, mundane expressions of white supremacy and dominance that are all around us.


In fact, I would go as far as to call it an indisputable historical fact that Western civilization is built on a foundation of slavery and exploitation.

Our organization is called Students for Western Civilisation, but the Gateway’s Kassidy Auld mockingly referred to us as “Students for White Supremacy,” because, of course, in the environment in which she was indoctrinated, they are one and the same thing.
The response that we received was entirely what we expected. Indeed, our organization was founded because of our awareness that such enmity towards white/European peoples exists and because genuine discussion of this fact is so heavily oppressed. The response from the media and the universities only further underscores the assumptions upon which our organization stands, and therefore, vindicates our existence.

Students for Western Civilisation will continue to challenge the abuse of our university system by those who see it as a platform to incite hatred towards European Canadians and we will continue to give a voice to a perspective which, though it represents the majority of Canadians, is heavily oppressed and silenced by a dogmatic minority that fears free speech and open debate.”

York Needs a White Students Union!


Note: This article was originally sent to Excalibur, York University's Official Student Newspaper, which, after multiple delays and excuses, ultimately refused to publish it, without explanation.

York University's mission statement identifies “diversity” as one of its highest values. Despite this, when it comes to the kind of diversity that should be most important to an academic institution—diversity of ideas—York is deficient to the point of corruption.

     As far as we can tell, based on student experience and conversations with professors, there is not a single socially conservative/rightist professor within any of the liberal arts departments at York University. If such a unicorn does exist, we'd really love to meet him or her.

     Throughout our time at York University, when it comes to cultural and ethnic politics, we have been exposed to nothing other than leftist perspectives. If it wasn’t for the Internet, we wouldn’t be aware that scholarly rightist perspectives on these issues even exist. That is a very scary thought. One would hope that, as students who have spent years studying the politics of ethnicity and culture, we would be very well informed about the different angles from which to approach these questions, but this is certainly not the case. This is not the case because, at York University, you don’t get an education, you get an indoctrination.

     The doctrine in which York liberal arts students are programmed is called neo-Marxism or “cultural Marxism”. Neo-Marxism is an illiberal ideology which looks at identity politics in terms of “oppressors” and “the oppressed”. The three broad categories of identity include gender, sexuality and, the category that receives the most attention: ethnicity. Simply put, when it comes to the politics of ethnicity, neo-Marxists identify white people as “oppressors” and everyone else as “the oppressed”. Students are taught that all of Western Civilization is inherently “racist” and that Western countries are plagued by a “systemic and institutionalized” racism which reinforces a "system of white supremacy”. Neo-Marxists hold that all Western countries, including multicultural Canada, are “white supremacist” states which unjustly grant peoples of European descent an unearned “white privilege.” All white people are racists, we're taught, and only white people can be racist, because white people are the sole beneficiaries of this white supremacist system. Students are taught that white people invented the very concept of race—thereby inventing “racism”—as part of a deliberate conspiracy to oppress the rest of humanity. We are taught that treating people equally is a form of racism called ”colour-blind racism” and that policies and individuals are racist unless they discriminate against white people.

     The Supreme Court has defined hate speech as any expression that is "intended or likely to circulate extreme feelings of opprobrium and enmity against a racial or religious group.” The above mentioned ideas absolutely conform to this definition. That these messages are being propagated against white people through our taxpayer-subsidized universities is especially disconcerting in the context of Multiculturalism: Canada’s undemocratically imposed immigration/culture policy which is rapidly reducing white people to minorities and thereby greatly diminishing their democratic influence.

     So, in order to address this situation, we propose the formation of a white students’ union. A white students’ union would serve multiple purposes. It would serve to promote and celebrate the culture of Western Civilisation. It would serve as a platform to promote and advance the political interests of Western peoples. And most importantly, it would serve as a venue to explore those perspectives on ethnic politics that our Marxist indoctrinators seek to suppress and ignore, thereby giving to York a taste of that intellectual “diversity” which it purports to value.

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